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In my organizations Adobe Campaign Classic environment the character set is different depending on how the proof is triggered. For example if you send a proof by:

1) Creating an email delivery, saving then sending using the "send a proof" button in the ribbon the char set is UTF8 

2) Checking "Enable proof sending" in the delivery properties and running workflow and then clicking the "Send a Proof" button as part of the approval process the char set is windows-1252


Is it possible to configure both proof methods to use the same character set?

As well is it possible to configure Adobe so that deliveries are sent to recipients using UTF8? Currently the actual deliveries go out using windows-1252.


We are using MS SQL server as the database instance. 


Thank you



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)





Please navigate the following in the delivery properties of email delivery:

delivery properties / SMTP / check field Force the encoding used for messages and chose prefered encoding in drop down list



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