Can you use Adobe Audience Manager lists as personalization field within an email in Adobe Campaign?





We use Adobe Campaign Classic and import audiences from Adobe Audience Manager which we combine with data to send emails. There has been a use case to target people from different Audience Manager lists with different copy within the email but I can't seem to figure out how to personalize from the event you are in a list from Adobe Audience Manager from within the email in Adobe Campaign.


Does anyone have any use cases or tips to get this to work? Considering the audiences are coming in fine it should be easy but I can't seem to define whether they are in an Adobe Audience Manager from within the email. Funny enough I can't seem to find specific lists in generic query editor either from within the data but can choose a list fine from within a workflow. Any tips appreciated.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @becker77 

your question in not clear enough therefore check the answer based on my understanding of the question.

If you are using several AAM lists in a workflow and combine them in one incoming transition, you can define a new column in Read list or Enrichment node (ex. segmentName) and hard code some identifier value (to know from which list customer is coming) before combine them in one incoming transition. Finally, in delivery you may use if condition to show specific content per segment (if targetData.segmentName == "some_segment").

If you have alreadysegments in the specific column in each list, then you can use that column directly in delivery to send specific content per segment as stated above.




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