Can I keep the system live during Bulk Update?



Hi everyone


We are planning to perform a full refresh of the Adobe Campaign database using an external file that will be loaded through a workflow. Several attributes of the Recipient schema will be updated, along with their subscriptions. Missing accounts will be created too. The ideas is to request a full back-up to be taken before we start and stop all the pipelines that feeds data in and out of Adobe Campaign.


From the testing performed in staging for this bulk update, and some benchmarks of other similar updates we have done in the past, we know that the bulk upload workflow will take more than 10 hours to complete, probably around the 15 hour mark, which would effectively mean almost two days of interrupted operations for the various marketing teams. 


Since all the pipelines will be stopped anyway, I was wondering if it is possible to proceed with the bulk update while the marketing teams send the campaigns. Will the delivery workflows lock the database and in turn lock the bulk update workflow and vice versa? There are around 4 campaigns that are executed daily.


Also, I am aware that in case of failure we would need to rollback which would mean that we would lose all the delivery/tracking info of all campaigns that were executed during the bulk update process. That's a risk that the business is willing to take and the way to mitigate is by exporting all the data before rolling back and then report externally.




Bulk Update concurrency Database lock issue

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Hugo,


Typically inserts/updates create locks, and given that the update is going to be done against the recipient schema there is significant risk that the bulk load will block campaigns and vise versa.  Additionally if you leave the environment online it's likely to take even longer to process the bulk load as system resources will not be entirely devoted to the bulk load.  Because of this it's not recommended to try and perform a bulk load/refresh without downtime.




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