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Hello communauty !

I have a little problem on my Adobe Campaign Classic instance ! We are in 6.1.0, and we would like to add a SMPP Connection to our external Mobile Provider. They gave me some information (URL, account, password..etc...) but I don't found the way to add an "Extended generic SMPP" external account, cause I don't find this option....

Only have the Generic SMPP option, but can't fill nothing with my providers's informations.

As you can seen, no Extended eneric SMPP option:


And no field to fill in Generic SMPP option:


Can someone help me to do this configuration ASAP ?

Thanks a lot !!

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi  Aro,

Can you please specify your ACC version and build.

The extended generic connector was released in Campaign v6 - 16.11 Build 8779

If you cannot see this option you may need to upgrade your build/version.

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Answers (1)



Yes i found this information... That's why ! So i'm using the generic SMPP and working with our midsourcing instance.

Now i'm trying to find how to transfer inSms Data from Midsourcing to the Marketing instance