Campaign Classic - Analytics integration and Message Center



I hava found in the message "Adobe Analytics Data Connector is not compatible with Transactional messaging (Message Center)".


What does this incompatibility mean? Not possible to use Data Connector at all when already using Message Center?

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Hi Jordi,


By default the web analytics connector appends two additional parameters in a tracked url in the emails from campaign. This are bid (broadLogId) and cid (Delivery internal name ) . For a marketing database this bid parameter can be tied back to a recipient for re-marketing purpose but in transactional messaging since the execution servers does not have a recipient database , there is no re-marketing possible with the web analytics data.

I think this the incompatibility which is mentioned here.


Although , you should still be able to track the delivery names and the KPIs associated with that delivery (like open , bounce , clicks etc. ) in the analytics report suite.