Campaign aspect improvement



Delivery summary report is showing 30% messages were rejected by exclusion rules.

Which aspect of campaign needs improvement ?

whether a Segmentation or Channel selection?

I found this question on internet.Stuck between above two options.What would be the right choice?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Neelam,


There cannot be one specific answer to this and will depend on what are driving the exclusions.


For example in the same delivery where you see the report , you can do to the audit tab and find out the exact breakdown of the exclusions.



304 Blacklisted address () - Means users have opted out
3,586 Address in quarantine () - Means delivery has failed to these emails
14,184 Double () - duplicate email address in targeting
2,820 Control group () - targeted control population to be excluded.


So in your case it will depend on what is causing the exclusion and take action accordingly.

Please note sometimes exclusion is not a bad thing to have and act as guardrails to prevent damage to brand reputation.




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