Calling Adobe Campaign Classic SOAP API in Javascript



Hi there,


I've followed some examples I've found on other posts to successfully make a variety of SOAP calls in Javascript.


However, one that isn't working are the Write and WriteCollection methods.


I'm very familiar with the Write method and I've managed to add other methods and use them successfully (Logoff, GetCnxInfo, SubmitDelivery, ExecuteQuery, PostEvent) and have used a similar approach below for those?


See code below, could anyone advise what I'm doing wrong?


@MarcelSzimonisz  - Any ideas?
(FYI I'm actually executing this code in a Javascript activity in a workflow of one Adobe Campaign instance, connecting to another. No clues in the workflow audit)



var cnx = new HttpSoapConnection("");

var session = new SoapService(cnx, 'urn:xtk:session');

session.addMethod("Logon", "xtk:session#Logon",
["sessiontoken", "string", "Login", "string", "Password", "string", "Parameters", "NLElement"],
["sessionToken", "string", "sessionInfo", "NLElement", "securityToken", "string"]);


var res = session.Logon("", "USERNAMEGOESHERE", "PASSWORDGOESHERE", <param/>);

var sessionToken = res[0];
var securityToken = res[2];

cnx.addTokens(sessionToken, securityToken);

session.addMethod("Write", "xtk:session#Write",
["sessiontoken", "string", "domDoc", "NLElement"],
//no response for this method


var writeRecord = session.Write("", <recipient _operation="insert" email="" firstName="David" xtkschema="nms:recipient"/>);

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Accepted Solutions (1)






Use xtk:persist#Write.




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