Build report table based on what number email recipient opened



Hi I'm trying to build a report table (Qualitative distribution) where I can see something like this:

Email number
Open Rate
Click Rate
1st Email recipient is sent20%5%
2nd Email recipient is sent26%3%
3rd Email recipient is sent23%4%

The content and date of the Email is irrelevant... as the user receives different content depending on DOB and other fields when they sign up.

Simply, I'm interested in seeing engagement behaviour from the day the recipient sign up.

Can anyone help with this?

I've tried building the report using the Recipient tracking log schema, and adding Count([delivery/@id]) as a variable but the report fails

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi ,

I have checked the same and from web Logs i am getting below error

"group function is not allowed here (iRc=-2006)"

I will suggest to build customized report and in that workflow you can even publish that report and use it .



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