Build a package programatically to import to ACC



I have code (JS/JSSP) in a repository that I would like to push to my ACC environment through a release pipeline. I believe to do this I first need to have this code packaged in the same format as a typical ACC package do some sort of call to import it into ACC. I was wondering if there are any resources surrounding:


  1. Creating ACC packages programatically, outside of ACC.
  2. Pushing the package to ACC (maybe a SOAP call?) 
  3. Possibly checking for diffs in ACC vs what is about to be pushed.

Basically, I want to implement something similar to a version control system.

Adobe Campaign Classic packages versioning

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Accepted Solutions (1)





You can do it. Steps

1. You can create a package definition and include object/s (for example all campaign created yesterday) using javascript.

2. Export those package files in some location(for example some predefined folder in sftp).

3. Periodically removed package definition records from instance, also files from sftp.


You can check below link for details



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