Batch size in Update data activity





According to the documentation "Batch size" option translates into:

The Batch size field lets you select the number of inbound transition elements to be updated. For example, if you state 500, the first 500 records dealt with will be updated.


Which sounds a bit misleading... It sounds like when I have batch size set to 10 000 and the number of inbound records is 10 100 I will be missing 100 records in the target schema, which sounds ridiculous. 

Could somebody elaborate on this option?



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Hi @szymons55769873 - the Batch Size refers to how many records are processed/committed at the same time in each database call. The default (max) is 10,000 after which it will just iterate to the remainder and then process them as a separate batch call in the activity.

Changing the value can increase or decrease the performance of the database for some operations under certain circumstances