AutoPK not allowing insert/update to a Schema because it is saying it duplicated



I have a file import, that is working in Stage 1 that we use for Dev Testing, I have moved it to Stage 3 for UAT, but when the File import gets to the insert/update step I am presented with an error that says

09/25/2019 11:05:43 AMPGS-220000 PostgreSQL error: ERROR:  duplicate key value violates unique constraint "mtnpassdetail_id" DETAIL:  Key (ipassdetailid)=(6123) already exists.

This isn't the only one there are several like this with a different ID number. 

We have the Auto PK as well as a self identified PK from our data set.  This is the way Adobe set up them when we had out implementation. 

They also advised us to go into Admin>ACX>Config>SQL Scripts> Mtn Custom Sequence (Mtn is our namespace we have for our custom schema's) The advised that the following would make it so that they do not run out of Primary Key numbers.  This one below was set up already for us. 

SELECT CreateSequenceIfNecessary('MtnPassDetailSeq', '1000', 'cache 1');

create or replace function getnewMtnPassDetailSeqs(integer) returns text as '

declare strIds text; i integer; iId integer;

begin strIds = '''';

for i in 1 .. $1 loop select NextVal(''MtnPassDetailSeq'') into iId ;

if i > 1 then strIds := strIds || '','';

end if;

strIds := strIds || cast(iId as text);

end loop;

return strIds;



language plpgsql;

I did make a change to the Data Schema we have where I added a column, and it is working correctly in Stage 1 so not sure what this AutoPK issue is in Stage 3.

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