Automate basic email report (v6)



Hi all,

New to AC (v6) and have a question on reporting and automating.

I'm looking to create a weekly report (to generate on Mondays), that simply highlights the last 7 days overview of email delivery metrics (i.e opens, clicks, etc etc).

i can't see anywhere where this is possible and I don't want to have to view in 'campaign deliveries' only and have to select each time.

is this possible?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



I do the same high level, but I do it monthly. Non of the OOB reports will get at what you want. So two options

1. Run a query for the last 7days and export your data to excel (This is what I do).

     Just run a query on the Delivery table for contact date is on or after 7 days ago.

     then in the add data, add all your columns you want to sum up. I added an image of my query.

2. Build your custom report in the reports section. I added a video on how to get started with that. (Warning this can be complex, why I don't know, but its not as easy as in the video. Creating a Report in Adobe Campaign Classic | )


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