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I am trying to create an integration for one of our clients using Adobe Campaign. I would like to make them able to authenticate through OAuth 2.0 in our web platform. Currently, I am not able to connect to the Adobe Campaign service in my Adobe Developer Console. Is there any way to do that with a basic developer account?

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Answers (1)




Hello @AlejandroMarco ,

Can you please share more details what you are trying to achieve with this. Do you the other platform to have read access to your Adobe campaign data or do you want to push data to the 3rd Party platform?

If you want to push data to 3rd party platform. You will have to first whitelist the the API URL in server confg file and then use the client_id and client_secret to get the access token.

Once you have the access token then you can make another API call by using the access token retrieved form the first API call.