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Hi there

I am trying to troubleshoot a piece of JS code that controls the API endpoint in Adobe Campaign Classic. We have an external system pushing subscriber data using the API but recently we have been seeing a disconnection between the two systems, possibly because the parameters that the external system is passing through are incomplete, however the vendor insists all the data passed in the payload is correct. To check the data coming through into Adobe Campaign, I would like to log all the parameters in the API call for one day and then use that log data to validate the data in the external system vs Adobe Campaign. I am thinking of doing this by adding a logInfo() call in the JS code of the API endpoint. This is not a workflow by the way, it is the API endpoint code. 

The problem is I don't know where logInfo() saves the data for JS scripts. I have been looking around in Adobe Campaign and searching online but I cant find the exact location

Or maybe there are some sort of web logs or trace with the API calls that I could take a look at? I need to inspect the actual parameters being passed in the payload for at least a day, I could then turn that trace off again   

BTW, our instance of Adobe Campaign is hosted so I only have access to the client console and Control Panel


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated





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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hello @hugol_vallejo ,

Since it not a workflow you are not able to use loginfo function.

But what you can do is create a schema in adobe campaign and then a query def to update that schema with all the incoming parameters from the APi url.


Let me know if that helps.


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