API Calls from Adobe Campaign




We are just starting to use Adobe and one of the main objectives is to leverage external APIs from Adobe.

There are 2 scenarios mainly,

1. Calling an endpoint per recipient in a campaign and modify the email content based on the response. E.g - If the audience size is 1m, then we will call an endpoint 1m times. Is this doable from Adobe and how scalable is it?

2. Calling an endpoint once per campaign send. E.g. - a campaign which is sent out based on the price drop of a particular item. Doesn't matter how much is the audience size, the endpoint will be called once. What would be the best way to implement this?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




No to option 1. Adobe campaign is not very scalable to work with API calls+ Adobe will bill you based on API calls. best is to use Amazon AWS box with Node js capabilities, get all data in there and transfer that using S3 bucket to Adobe campaign. Meanwhile, try to change that API to Bulk API which will return only the modified data not everything to increase the speed.

Option 2, can be achieved using an API call given it's one API call per campaign. Build a technical workflow to get this data before send out and you are done.