API access without a need of token?

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Answers (2)



Thanks Ramon,

Here on the page you sent, I found:

If I use a static IP with the following settings, we ll eliminate to get token every time.

<securityZone allowDebug="false" allowHTTP="false" label="Public Network" name="public">

<subNetwork label="All addresses" mask="*" name="all"/>

<securityZone allowDebug="true" allowHTTP="false" label="Private Network (VPN)"

  name="vpn" showErrors="true">

  <securityZone allowDebug="true" allowEmptyPassword="true" allowHTTP="true"

  allowUserPassword="false" label="Private Network (LAN)" name="lan"

  sessionTokenOnly="true" showErrors="true">

  <subNetwork label="Lan 1" mask="" name="lan1"/>

  <subNetwork label="Lan 2" mask="" name="lan2"/>

  <subNetwork label="Lan 3" mask="" name="lan3"/>

  <subNetwork label="Localhost" mask="" name="locahost"/>

  <subNetwork label="Lan (IPv6)" mask="fc00::/7" name="lan6"/>

  <subNetwork label="Localhost (IPv6)" mask="::1/128" name="localhost6"/>