Apache 2.4 on RHEL 6.8?




Hi all,

One of my customers is on RHEL 6.8 right now and using Apache 2.2 in their on-premise installation. My question is if it would be supported to use Apache 2.4 on RHEL 6.8?

The compatibility matrix does mention only RHEL 7 with Apache 2.4.[1], the installation guide does mention RHEL 6 with unspecified Apache version.

[1] Adobe Campaign Classic Compatibility Matrix

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi elemer_k,

If the compatibility matrix explicitly says that Apache 2.4 is supported only with our RHEL7 builds, please take our word for it.

It doesn’t mean that Apache 2.4 and RHEL 6.8 hosted Campaign will not work. It might work. Problem is if you started to observe unwanted behaviour on Campaign, Adobe won’t be able to help as it is an unsupported configuration.

Hope this helps.


Vipul Raghav

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