Adobe MC RT instance connection issue





I am trying to integrate my application directly with Adobe MC RT2 instance to send rtEvents.


I am calling the Session token API with the credentails shared by Adobe Support team  which is throwing "XSV-350012 Invalid login or password. Connection denied. " error message.


 Appreciate  your response.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hello @bsudabathula 
The Session token is valid only for 1 hour. If you will try to use that token then if will give your wrong ID/password error. 
You will have to work with adobe team to get a session token with no expiration time.

Let me know if that helps.

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Answers (2)



Hi @bsudabathula 


There can be two major issues here.


1) Downloading WSDL file using MC credentials only: (This step is missed frequently)

This very important step you need to download WSDL files using Message Center credentials given by the support team.


Use below URLs to download WSDL:

Session Token:   https://<server>/nl/jsp/schemawsdl.jsp?schema=xtk:session

RT Event:            https://<server>/nl/jsp/schemawsdl.jsp?schema=nms:rtEvent


Note: Please replace server name as your instance URL


Once you will hit these URLs on the browser adobe will prompt to enter username password. Use MC credentials only shared by the support team.


2) Always use MC user credentials to generate session token and use the same in rtEvent WSDL's push event method


Your application server public IP from where you are calling Adobe Campaign Message Center API should be whitelisted. (Although this is not the reason for Invalid Login Password error). You will get 403 forbidden error and Response Null if IP not whitelisted.





First test whether credentials are working fine or not.

Login using credentials provided by Adobe in URL:



If it allows you to login, without error of 'Invalid Login/Password', then credentials provided are correct.

Now, follow along steps:

1) Download WSDL for generating session Token using URL:

Use Logon Request page to generate sessionToken for API call to Adobe Campaign

2) Download WSDL for generating RT Event Trigger using URL:
Enter your rtEvent syntax and try to send request. Your would not get error.