Adobe function to ignore Value 1 and replace with Value 2, Value 3...





I have a geo-location campaign where an indiv can be assigned multiple venues based on distance to it and the date of the event.  If an indiv is assigned 5 or more events over a period of time, how can I ignore venue 1 and shift the other venues down or if there is a specific venue I want to ignore?

Venue_1 - 123

Venue_2 - 456

Venue_3 - 789


(example: I would want to ignore Venue_1 and have it appear that Venue_2 is now 1)

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Accepted Solutions (1)






How are venues to ignore selected? If it's a small number of specified venues, use a predefined filter with a not in() condition to filter them from the query. If it's a large dynamic list, use an exclusion activity to subtract it from the set of venues prior to joining to the recipients.




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