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Can someone please share some scenarios about the correct use of subworkflows? I am having a hard time understanding the purpose of it, is it just to keep the interface more organized and simple? I am looking at the documentation here

Can you guys share all of your experience with this, hopefully some screenshots would be nice.

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Hi Johanna,

How to use Subworklfow is mentioned in above link which you have shared. Below is the explanation purpose of Subworkflow

Sub Workflow Improves readability and maintainability . Assume a scenario where you have set of activities which are common to more than one campaign then in that case you will create a subworkflow with that common activities(Logic) and you will call this sub worklfow form your main workflow and you dont have to build your logic again and again in every main workflows. you just need to call your sub workflow to do the logic part.

Below is workflow A which call sub workflow just after enrichment activity and i want rest of the work which is common to be build in subworkflow.


Now below is the subworkflow which having logic which I wanted to use to in more than one workflows.



1. Regarding Logs: Child logs are in the Master logs, labelled by subworkflow

2. In case of any error in child wf(subworkflow) , duplicate copy will be created , If no error Child sub-workflow in Being Edited status

I hope this helps!


Kapil Kochar

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You can pass targeting dimension to sub work flow and segment  it. Once all done it'll return to Master workflow.

if same segmentation can be used in multiple campaigns ( for example excluding Minors, etc.. ) - we can have dedicated workflow for excluding minors then you can  call that workflow from your current workflow.