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Can anyone help me in knowing the difference between split and cells activity in adobe campaign. Also the difference between Query and enrichment, as we can add data using query itself. What are the additional functionalities of enrichment except reconcilation.

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Hi subrats9452256

Split and Cells Activity are almost same, there isn't any explicit difference between the two.

Both allow Sub Sets to be created based on different query conditions for any available Schema within the Database. Both also allow subset data type to be selected (Random or Percentage Range etc).

Enrichment surely has additional functionality of letting you work with the linked tables of a Query.

While Query will allow you to define basic filtering conditions, Enrichment will allow you to work with all associated data of the data filtered in the Query.

Multiple Query conditions could be clubbed to extract "enriched" data.

As an example, you select Recipients belonging to two different cities and then Enrich data on the basis of last successful transactions for these Recipients, or maybe Order details in terms of amount. The "Data linked to the filtering dimension" options lets you do that.

The following links give some more details around it:

Enriching data

Enriching content

Hope that helps!

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