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Hi all,


I am integrating Adobe Campaign with my iOS Swift app. I understand that Neolane_SDK is getting deprecated soon and hence I took latest SDKs from below link

While I am able to set pushIdentifier and have done other setups. I am not able to find a replacement for below lines


Neolane_SDK *nl = [Neolane_SDK getInstance];
[nl setMarketingHost:strMktHost];
[nl setTrackingHost:strTckHost];
[nl setIntegrationKey:strIntegrationKey];



Any support/guidance in this regard is appreciated.

Thanks In Advance

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi @AmitKGupta 


You need to replace these three parameters with appropriate values.


strMktHost: This is the Adobe Campaign Marketing Instance URL. If you are iOS app developer ask adobe campaign consultant to provide the same.


strTckHost: This is secure tracking host URL of adobe campaign instance. This is present in the deployment wizard of adobe campaign.


strIntegrationKey: There is always a service associated with iOS and android app integration ask the integration key from adobe campaign consultant.


Looks like you are iOS developer please ask adobe campaign consultant he will provide these values to you in no time.





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