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I'm creating a sandbox instance so the team can do some tests prior creating the campaigns into the client's instance.

I'm having some problems to set up Adobe Campaign to send email using my localhost SMTP server.

I have installed the default Windows SMTP Server, what is working perfectly (I did a few tests using telnet prompt command).

I know that ACC doesn't not support authentication mode, so I set up the local smtp server to relay to (I also tried to relay to all IPs but it didn't work as well).

On my "serverConf.xml"

<relay address="" port="25"/>

I also went to my instance serverConf file and set up the IP Affinity settings:

<mta autoStart="true" statServerAddress="localhost">



        <IPAffinity name="dev.local">

          <!--  For dev instances, if you need a default IP (not recommended), use address="" -->

          <IP address="" heloHost="" publicId="1" weight="5"/>





I started my instance MTA and it's running normally.

But when I try to send an email, the delivery stays at "(start pending)"

When I check the delivery log, I have my email there as status "Pending" and Reason "Not defined"..

Am I missing anything?

Any thought how I can further debug it?


Rick Romero

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi dalton,

When you try to Start the MTA module from Command Prompt, do you get any errors?

Is MTA  up in monitoring tab?

Deliveries can also get stuck in "start pending" status because of incorrect configuration of affinities.

If you could share some details regd. MTA configuration, it will be helpful.

Thanks & Regards,


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