Adobe Campaign Classic: Control Typology rule to change the subject line for seed address



Hi Folks, Hope we have many Adobe Campaign experts in this group. I need some help if someone has done it already and provide the code snippet or send me to the right direction.


Ask: While sending email deliveries there are some seed addresses which are getting targeted along with the target audience. We want that email which goes to the seed addresses has the subject line prefixed with a text i.e. "Client Name Seed Email: " and to the regular audience it should go with regular subject.


Proposed Solution: I believe we can create a control typology rule/Typology to check if the recipient is a seed or not seed and based on that change the subject line.


If someone can help in implementing this solution it will be helpful.

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Accepted Solutions (1)





I think that you are not able to change content of message (for one recipient, for all you can I would say) with typology rules.

They are used for:

  1. Filtering -> take out target 
  2. Pressure -> take out target
  3.  Capacity -> dripping the messages 
  4. Control -> message validation like subject line etc.





What you can do add following personalization code to subject line.


<% if ( message.seedMember == 1) {%>Seed: <%}%>


Should have worked but is not 😞 this flag is changed after the message is dispatched.


I have tried to add additional data for the seed addresses:




Is not working.. either.. i guess you need to have this targetData also with main population


Then i tried to add prefix in seed name such as seed joe...

<% if (recipient.firstName.indexOf('Seed')!=-1){%>Seed: <%}%> I am not the Genie in the lamp.

ba dum tsss.. it worked



As a starting point you can use this and then try to find how to get the information on whether is the recipient seed or not while personalization





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