Address substitution in proofs



I have a problem with address substitution.

I go to an existing delivery (main target already selected) and change "Target of the proofs" to "Substitution of the address".

Then I go to "Send a proof" and select the substitution address and the target from the main target list, when I then hit "analyze" the analyze breaks with an error "15:13:00 - The number of messages to send is very large (209). Please check that the proof target is correct.".

It seems as if it tries to send the proof to the whole delivery main target and not just the one address I specified.

When I don't choose a specific address but choose "random" in address substitution the analyze works and wants to send only one proof mail.


Am I missing something here?


UPDATE: After some more testing, it seems like this has something to do with target mappings. Seems to work with "Recipients" but not with "Subscriptions".

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @stpi
as you mentioned it works perfectly with Recipient target mapping.

However, with "Subscriptions" target mapping you probably getting something like a Cartesian product. Check what are reconciliations keys for mentioned mapping and you will probably identify what cause the issue.