Add recipients to a list regarding their behaviour



Hi guys,

According to this official document, all workflows into AC are started manually, so the question is, if I want to add recipients to a list regarding their behaviour, I have to do it and maintain it manually?

So I want to add all recipients who clicked a specific link of an email to a list, and if they clicked another specific link (same email) add them to another list, how can I achieve this please?

Thank you!



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Set up a workflow with a scheduler to execute on the frequency you require.


(flow control) Add a scheduler activity to execute the workflow every X  (x = execution frequency daily, hourly, weekly, etc/)

(targeting) pull delivery and tracking logs using query/unions/intersection/exclusions etc depending on your requirements for your particular campaign on a workflow and enrich with whatever other data required.

once you have all the data you need, save it to a list using the list update activity.

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