ACM upgrade



We want to upgrade ACM on premise install, request us to help with 


Do you recommend in-place upgrade vs new install? 

Have you had a high success rate with in-place upgrades? 

What about installing the latest build on a fresh server then coping the database objects from the previous version to the new?


Current version:


Future revision :

Release 19.1.4 - Build 9032

ACM Upgrade

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Accepted Solutions (1)






In-place upgrade is the correct approach.

Recent builds have had a security focus, so are more likely to have breaking changes fixable with configuration. Test the upgrade against a non-production environment and take notes while fixing issues prior to upgrading production.

Fully-hosted with Adobe I would recommend exporting out any conflict-prone objects such as altered forms, though you're on-premise so relatively safe here. As always, take a full snapshot of the db prior to performing any upgrade.

Adobe has a good guide for Windows deployments:




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