Acessing 1:n data from DB in a Campaign Delivery



Good morning,

I've been having a hard time since yesterday because I can't access the data that is in a one to many table in the database.Adobe problem.JPG

This is the case, I want to send a e-mail to an Employee, using data from one of the month and all the flights of that month.

So far I've not been able to find the data in a test preview as seen in the next images.

The code:

Adobe problem code.JPG

The result preview:

Adobe problem output.JPG

The data that I've found is the value of an external key (Unique Flight) in the employeeFlights Table.

Is it possible to access the full scope of data in the employeeFlights table to create a dynamic template that shows as many flights as there is entries in the table?

Note that the target mapping points to the Employees table not the Months table.

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Accepted Solutions (1)



I've found a way to do it the way I was expecting to do it.

Thank you

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For delivery personalization, select the many table into the temp table using query activity.

It has a wizard that will help pivot the rows into row-number-suffixed columns, e.g. select top 5 rows and in the row they'll be named flightNumber1..5, departureDate1..5, etc. From there use a loop counter to append 1..5 to the col names to access them.