I did not see a specific answer to this question.  I saw a few similar, but not exactly.  Please do not send me to adobe documentation because they don't cover this for adobe campaign classic and I've spent hours reading their sms documentation.


We are sending short notification sms for home delivery updates and we are working with Netsize/Link Mobility on this implementation.  This is what a text looks like:


Your Whirlpool delivery is on track for tomorrow between <%= rtEvent.ctx.deliveryStartTimeSH %> - <%= rtEvent.ctx.deliveryEndTimeSH %>. Track your delivery status <%= rtEvent.ctx.trackOrderLink %>


The rtEvent.ctx.trackOrderLink is a very long link and has been configured to shorten the url with our short domain name.  


So it will look something like this:   https:\\\xyzxyz


We want to tag this link so we can track the call to action (CTA).  


1)  Can we add a _label at the end of the real url being passed in dynamically and will that be captured by adobe like it is with transactional emails in the tracking logs?

2)  Can we add an adobe analytics tag to the end of the real url being passed in dynamically and track that way?

3)  Is there any possible way yet to track opens with SMS, or would clicking that link be the validation it was opened since you can read SMS without actually opening the text?


We're just trying to figure out how to get some insights off these new notifications for each brand.


Thank you.



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @hetfidd - We have faced a similar issue here in that we would like to shorten a tracked URL during the delivery preparation phase. So the delivery would wrap the click-tracked link in Campaign, then call an API to shorten the link like you have during the delivery. Since the click-track wrapping only happens during delivery, I couldn't find a way to call an API to shorten the link after this happens. The only way I found to do this is to not shorten the URL and try to create a very short click tracking domain (e.g. to keep the Adobe-tracked link as short as possible.Otherwise you will need to work with your end service provider to get you some analytics from their end.

As far as I know there is no way in Campaign to monitor if someone has actually opened the SMS. The only service campaign will request is an SR which will tell you if the message was delivered onto the handset or not.

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