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I am currently facing a tracking issue in one of my instances; the server version is : 6.1.1 (build 8708)

The mkt server is a window machine and MSSQL server DB. all mid server are linux + postgreSQL.

At the beginning, i had 5 mids and few years after my client added 2 others.

external account :

- 7 email routing external account : mid1, mid2, ..., mid7

- 7 fda attached to each email routing external account : fda1,fda2,...,fda7

deployment wizard > tracking configurations :

- external url => an https url tracking link (handled by it teams) :

- externalize tracking management => yes

- external account email routing => mid3 (with fda3) :

=> the tracking instance is enable on this tab

- the tracking system used is "Session web tracking"

Server conf file :

- the redirection section is well configured  :

<redirection IMSOrgId="" P3PCompactPolicy="CAO DSP COR CURa DEVa TAIa OUR BUS IND UNI COM NAV"

                 databaseId="" defLogCount="30" expirationURL="" maxJobsInCache="100"

                 startRedirection="true" startRedirectionInModule="true" trackWebVisitors="false"


<spareServer enabledIf="$(hostname)!='mids1'" id="1" url="http://xxxxxxxxxx-mids1:8080"/>

<spareServer enabledIf="$(hostname)!='mids2'" id="2" url="http://xxxxxxxxxx-mids2:8080"/>

<spareServer enabledIf="$(hostname)!='mids3'" id="3" url="http://xxxxxxxxxx-mids3:8080"/>

<spareServer enabledIf="$(hostname)!='mids4'" id="4" url="http://xxxxxxxxxx-mids4:8080"/>

<spareServer enabledIf="$(hostname)!='mids5'" id="5" url="http://xxxxxxxxxx-mids5:8080"/>

<spareServer enabledIf="$(hostname)!='mids6'" id="6" url="http://xxxxxxxxxx-mids6:8080"/>

<spareServer enabledIf="$(hostname)!='mids7'" id="7" url="http://xxxxxxxxxx-mids7:8080"/>

    </redirection>  can load balanced all of this 7 internal urls

1/ when i choose external account email routing => mid1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 (with fda1,2,3,4,5) :

After the tracking technical workflow passed :

- KO : the NmsTracking_Pointer show only 5 of the 7 mids,

- KO : the tracking infos are pushed only on the 5 mids => when we send emails, sometimes we are facing ko link (when the tracking link choose mids6 or 7 for example),

- OK : the tracking logs are well agregated on the server marketing

2/ when i choose external account email routing => mid6 or 7 (with fda6 or 7) :

After the tracking technical workflow pased :

- OK : the NmsTracking_Pointer show only all the 7 mids : OK

- OK : the tracking infos are pushed only on the 7 mids => no issues on links,

- KO : the tracking logs are not agregated on the server marketing

maybe i miss one configuration, but couldn't find what, in order to handle all situations ?

NmsTracking_Pointer :

<?xml version='1.0'?>


  <server lastLog="2019-08-23 10:02:15.620Z" lastMsgId="&lt;?xml version='1.0'?&gt;


  &lt;server lastLog=&quot;2019-08-23 10:02:16.273Z&quot; lastMsgId=&quot;159797179&quot; url=&quot;http://xxxxxxxxxx-mids4:8080"/>

  &lt;server lastLog=&quot;2019-08-23 10:02:16.366Z&quot; lastMsgId=&quot;170670574&quot; url=&quot;http://xxxxxxxxxx-mids5:8080"/>

  &lt;server lastLog=&quot;2019-08-23 10:02:16.426Z&quot; lastMsgId=&quot;154819637&quot; url=&quot;http://xxxxxxxxxx-mids1:8080"/>

  &lt;server lastLog=&quot;2019-08-23 10:02:16.453Z&quot; lastMsgId=&quot;138509476&quot; url=&quot;http://xxxxxxxxxx-mids2:8080"/>

  &lt;server lastLog=&quot;2019-08-23 10:02:16.469Z&quot; lastMsgId=&quot;158642152&quot; url=&quot;http://xxxxxxxxxx-mids3:8080"/>





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