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We're using Campaign Classic, and have been working through the integration to pull segments from AAM. We've completed setup by following this guide and have had Adobe set up the necessary provisions: https://helpx.adobe.com/marketing-cloud/how-to/aam-campaign.html


When we reach step 10 in the guide above, and click "Select a shared audiences", a new window opens as expected; however, that window never loads any of the Shared Audiences we have created from AAM, please see screenshot below:


Shared Audiences Window Blank.png


It never loads, and we're unable to figure out why this is occurring.


The user attempting to do this is using an Adobe ID with the following permissions:


Admin in all these areas:

  1. Adobe Campaign,
  2. Audience Manager,
  3. Audience Library,
  4. the Custom Audience Manager Group,
  5. and also in the Adobe Campaign Experience Cloud profile,
  6. For Adobe Analytics full admin access in the cloud as well


Any recommendations would be appreciated, thank you.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @caseyo84500701,


We had similar issue and if you see the page that lists the available audiences, and the list is empty, then the issue is with the audience sharing service. We enabled the outbound direction with the two data sources and worked (first one is deleted later). Check if IMSOrgId field is populated on app and tracking servers configuration. If that does not work there’s nothing else I can suggest but open an Audience Manager ticket.




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Answers (1)



Hello @caseyo84500701 

Can you double check if the data sources are configured properly on Adobe Campaign and AAM?

If they are not configured properly nothing will load in the segmentation