A lot of rejected deliveries and shouldn't be the case



Hey everyone, 

I'm facing an issue with some deliveries that get rejected from an initial population (around more than half the initial population doesn't receive their deliveries) and I don't know why this is happening. Normally, everything runs fine.

You can see my example below (the red cells are my current issues of rejected deliveries).


This is what I get in my delivery logs, nothing particular to declare :


But here, I can see that almost all of the deliveries for those recipients got an alert with the status ignore, why this is happening ? The address is "not specified" but some recipients still receive their deliveries.


Is there anything special I can look into to see what goes wrong with those deliveries and how to solve that ?

Thank you for your help.

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Hello @thibaultb473199 ,


Address not Specified means there is no email address for this recipient.

You need to look at your recipients email address. Or add Additional condition to check for blank email address field in your initial query box.