Some AAM Questions



Hi All,

I am not conversant with AAM. If you have some time, kindly try to address my following AAM Questions:

1. Does AAM use a Database to store all profile data or it is all internally stored?

2. AAM gets data from first party, second party and third party sources.

But could there be a use case/Business case that introduces a Marketing Database between AAM and  fthese sources?

It could be that as the data grows in size, AAM Database or its internal storage faces storage or performance issues.

3. Let us assume the external Marketing Database is enforced by the client.

How does data flow from Marketing Database to AAM?

Is it like configuring a connector and it does the job of copying data from Marketing Database to AAM periodically?

Or the connector helps AAM to access Marketing Database directly, without copying?

4. Let us a take an outside Data Source that exposes profile data through RESTful web services.

If our AAM instance needs to get that data, again will it include just configuring a connector or we need to write code for calling the web services?

If it is code, where does it reside and run? Inside AAM or it needs an App Server?

5. This question of where the code resides and runs is valid for all use cases where we are required to write code.

For any other purpose, if we need to write code in AAM, where does it reside and run?

6. When all do we need to write code for AAM?

Appreciate all your patience and support.