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Showing custom experience to logged in users with Adobe Target and Audience Manager


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Issue : I onboarded some CRM data to a cross device Data Source in AAM, with signals for onboarded traits. Data upload was fine, Customer ID sync already done, I used Current Authenticated Profile Merge rule to show an experience when user logs in, and don’t want to show the experience when user logs out. Why the visitor is not seeing the experience even after signing into the site or app?

Pre requisites :

  • AAM, and Adobe Target are under same Adobe Experience Cloud org.
  • Shared Audience has been provisioned for your Adobe Experience Cloud org.

Solution : While troubleshooting this issue, you need to do some checks, following are necessary points to consider:

  1. Make sure that ID sync is implemented correctly on the page where you have Adobe Target Activity. All of the web pages are tagged with Experience Cloud Visitor ID service.
  2. The Profile Merge Rule should be Current Authenticated Profile and the required data source is selected from Authenticated Profile Options in profile merge rule settings.
  3. After the CRM data has been onboarded and ID sync has happened for the first time for that CRM ID, then it takes few hours for AAM to get the profile. AAM does not fetch the segments for the logged in user on very first log in and new device (first ID sync). So, we will have to wait for few hours. If the data was uploaded in past and ID sync had already been done, then AAM will fetch segments as soon as user logs in. For more info on Visitor's Profile in AAM, check these docs: Data Collection Components and Privacy and Data Retention FAQ
  4. In order to check if the current user qualifies for a particular segment or not, you can run mbox trace log on that web page and look for the segment in JSON response. Check this doc on mbox trace logs : Troubleshooting Content Delivery
  5. Most important thing is Visitor ID call and ID sync calls should be firing before Target’s mbox calls. If this would not happen then Target will not receive segments on first page load, and hence customized experience won’t load. If the Target mbox call is firing before Visitor ID/ ID sync call, then you will have to look into your implementation for AAM ID sync.
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