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Audiences based on Company of a Visitor


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We are interested in building audiences that are built based on Company data.

The scenario is something like the following:

  1. We publish an ad and track visits to the site with specific URL parameters
  2. We use a service like Demandbase or D&B to identify the company of people who click thru on our ad
    1. All of this is recorded in Adobe Analytics as dimensions as well as Audience Manager as Traits
  3. As a company responds, we'd like to target other people at that company with a similar ad to expand our reach

Essentially, this is an Account Based Marketing approach, but where we automatically scale the account list based on the companies that come in from the click.

We aren't sure if this is possible with any of the tools in Audience Manager or if there are Marketplace providers that can help solve this targeting as well.


Thanks for your help.


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Hello There,

You can utilize Algorithmic Models for this use case which will help you to increase reach using a base trait/segment.


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We suspected as much, but how would we get the modeling to focus on a precise company list?


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You need to first check with the data provider who has that kind of data and subscribe to their feed in Marketplace.

Then you can run an algo model with focus on accuracy and select the third party data sources.

While creating the segment you can suppress those traits with AND NOT who have already visited /clicked the ad.


Varun Kalra


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We haven't seen any Marketplace offerings that help to zero in on company yet, but will keep looking.  If there are recommendations to explore, we'd love to review those.