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Audience Manager Updates - July 2018


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Attention Adobe Audience Manager Community Users,

Adobe is excited to announce an enhancement to audience suppression called Instant Cross-Device Suppression that facilitates an improved end-user experience and improves media efficiency by reducing wasted ad impressions. This feature will automatically remove users from a segment when they no longer qualify for a predetermined experience. When the qualification criteria for the segment is no longer met, an unsegment signal is pushed to all supported destinations mapped to the segment and users are removed in real-time and across multiple devices.

While Audience Manager customers can already benefit from audience suppression today, this enhancement will provide a streamlined workflow and more control over unsegment capabilities. Audience suppression will be extended across multiple devices through the use of a person or household device graph and cross-device audience suppression will be easier to execute in real-time for both, existing and new segments.

Two primary use cases are beneficial for customers with online conversion or brand exposure goals:

  • Online conversion: Customers who have an online conversion event as a marketing objective can suppress users from marketing campaigns across their multiple devices immediately following the conversion event.
  • Brand exposure: Customers who have implemented frequency cap rules to limit brand exposure can ensure that users are immediately removed from targeted campaigns when they have seen a set number of ad impressions across their multiple devices.

More information on the benefits and use cases of Instant Cross-Device Suppression can be found on this Product Overview page at the time of release.

Customer impact:

This enhancement is available for all Adobe Audience Manager customers without additional steps required. The Audience Manager User Interface will not be affected; however, for accurate reporting, it is critical that segments using Profile Merge Rules containing a device graph are properly configured. For more details, visit the Important Considerations for Profile Merge Rules with Device Graphs page, or reach out to Adobe’s Customer Care or Consulting services.

Additional technical documentation can also be found in Adobe Audience Manager Product Documentation.

Feel free to reach out the community more information.
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