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Good morning,

I am new to the suite and will be working within a S2S environment between Analytics and AAM.

This is a different integration than the previous DMP I was involved with. My question is, with this integration should I be building segments in AA and pushing them into AAM or building the segments in AAM with query strings (not the friendliest way to do it)?

I've read most of the AAM docmentation and watched MANY videos but still do not completely understand the process.

Is there documentation where I can get the best feel for the products and how they work together.


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Glenn,

Welcome to AAM forum.

There is a two integration between AAM and AA. To get the best of integration, it is recommended that AAM should be implemented via Server Side Forwarding method.

With SSF enabled, the real time data that is being sent to your instance of AA, will also be shared with AAM server to server. You can create traits and segments in AAM with that real time data coming from AA.

The segments that you create in AA using your report suites, will appear in AAM, and all Adobe Experience Cloud solutions, and that will be historical data.

Please check this doc on Audience Analytics Feature, that enables sending of AAM segments to AA:

Experience Cloud Help

If you create segments using Report Suite data in AA, and share them to experience cloud then they will appear in AAM as well:

Publishing Segments to the Experience Cloud

Let us know if this info helps.


Varun Kalra