Why unique trait realizations is greater than total trait population?




I wonder why unique trait realizations (UTR) is greater than total trait population (TTP) if the definitions are:

Total Trait Population is the count of unique users that have this trait in their profile.

Unique Trait Realizations is a count of unique users that added this trait to their profile over the given time range.

So if TTP counts for all the time, and UTR just for the given time range, shouldn't TTP be greater than UTR?

Thanks in advance!

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi there,

Did you check the Trend Reports and day by day report for that trait for both unique and total, does it still show greater in case of UTR ?

Also, please check the possible reason for this in last section of this doc : Reporting FAQ


Varun Kalra

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Answers (2)



That explained it for me
"Because we run two different computational jobs to calculate the two populations, the Total Trait Population always lags behind the Unique Trait Realizations by 24 hours. In the graph above, you can see 175 Unique Trait Realizations and a Total Trait Population of 6 for February 11. The 175 profiles are added to the Total Trait Population on the following day."

Trait Qualification Reference