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Signals are the atomic units in Audience Manager and are expressed as key-value pairs.

  • The key is a constant that defines a data set (e.g., gender, color, price).
  • The value is a variable related to the constant (e.g., male/female, green, 100).

Comparison operators join the key-value pair and set the relationship between them.

A few examples of signals are -

  • product=cycle
  • price>500
  • type=mountain

Do's for signal keys -

  • Starts with a letter
  • Starts with a quotation mark.
  • Starts with an underscore (_)

The following are legitimate examples

  • "1"="key value"
  • Alpha=22
  • E1=456
  • "1a"="key value"
  • _color=red

Don'ts for signal keys -

  • Start with a number
  • Have a special character.

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