Wanted to know how does a segment gets populated?



Hi there,

I wanted to know how does a segment get populated.

When I create a trait it starts getting populated with the audience that comes after its creation. Is it the same with a segment or a segment gets populated with the audience already present in a trait?

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Hi there,

Segment and trait population both show the number of devices that qualify for it.

However, segment's population depends upon the Profile Merge rule selected.

If you selected a Profile merge rule as no authentication + current device, then it acts similar to a trait, and will show equal number of devices a trait has.

If you selected a profile merge rule that is current authenticated or last authenticated with any Device Graph option, then segment will show only those devices that will have a real time activity on your web properties.

Please check this doc

Important Considerations for Profile Merge Rules with Device Graphs


Varun Kalra

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