Use CRM data in both AAM and Customer Attributes - how to set up ID sync/setCustomerID





I'm using offline data in Audience Manager, and have a data source and corresponding ID sync set up using the setCustomerID function.


I would like to use the same data for reporting in Analytics, and am trying to set it up in Customer Attributes. My initial thought was that since I'm already sending the customer ID to the ECID tag with setCustomerID, I can just use the same integration code and upload a file.


Trying to do so in the Customer Attributes interface returns an error however, saying a data source with this alias already exists in Audience Manager.


So what is the best practice here - should I need to set it up with a different integration code, and send two separate setCustomerID calls when my users authenticate? Or can I somehow stop this Customer Attribute source being created in Audience Manager, so I could get away with using the ID sync I already have?

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