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Can I upload data to my Data Sources using multiple keys, besides its SyncID?


My [Main Data Source [SyncID=socialsecurityid]], has five keyvaluepairs of user information:






In real-time I didn´t feed it with [telephone].

I have one offline CRM database wich uses [NacionalInsuranceNumber] as primary key, HAS [telephone] information BUT NOT have [socialsecurityid].

Can I upload this [telephone] information, from this offline CRM database, to my [Main Data Source [SyncID=socialsecurityid]], using keyvaluepair [nationalinsurancenumber] as matching-key?

Thank you in advance, I´m in real trouble here.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Thiago,

You can use one data source for ID sync, and can later upload the files straight away to this data source using the normal inbound files:


If you have another data source, that is offline and you are not using it's data source ID/ integration code in ID sync. Then you can link these two data sources by uploading an offline ID sync file. It will be an ID match file. Then you can upload the data for that data source too.

Check this doc for more details on onboarding an ID sync file:

Name and Content Requirements for ID Synchronization Files


Varun Kalra

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Answers (1)



Hi Varun,

Thanks for the answer.

I´ve created one Data Source for each SyncID. Then I´ve synced them through a Profile Merge Rule.

But I will explore your sugestion of an offline ID sync file.