Unsegmenting in AAM URL Destination



Hi community!

How can AAM unsegment an user in a URL destination? ie: Facebook.

Let's supose an user accepted advertising consent. I map it to Facebook and the the user cancel this consent, due to facebook is an url destination how can I unsegment this user?

Should I create a segment for users who no accepted advertising consent and exclude them in the destination?

Thanks you!

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi there,

That's correct, you cannot simply send unsegmented info to Facebook. As this integration is one way.

Your suggestion is right here: to create another segment in AAM of those who opted out.

Then while defining your Audience in FB for a particular campaign, you can use AND NOT or Exclude condition to suppress the second segment. Not really sure on this, but I'd recommend to test this out, and let us know here.


Varun Kalra