Trait to Trait Overlap Report - First to Third Party Traits




I just found the Trait to Trait overlap report and I was wondering why I don't have the ability to select third party traits?  I've subscribed to many data feeds with segments and overlap selected at a $0.00 CPM.

Shouldn't I be able to see the overlap of my first party traits with the third party traits in order to make educated choices on who to buy data from?

Please let me know. Thanks. Glenn

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Glenn

You definitely have a feature within AAM's trait-2-trait overlap report to discover unique visitors between your 1st and 3rd party traits. However, there's a minimum threshold required as mentioned in Data Sampling and Error Rates in Selected Audience Manager Reports for these to surface up in the reports UI

  • Traits: 28,000 over a 14-day period.
  • Segments: 70,000 real-time users over a 14-day period.