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Hi All,

I am trying to perform taxonomy activity on AAM and based on defined structure I need to move various traits/segments from a folder to another folder. Therefore, can someone please share the api code or any other solution to perform the same?

Thanks & Regards,

Anshul Singhal

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Anshul,

The traits can be moved easily from one folder to another in "Update" tab of the Bulk Management tool. The only required parameters/columns here are the

  1. Trait ids (which traits have to be moved) - sid
  2. folder id (to which folder the traits have to be moved) - folderId

In the "update" tab of the BAAAM tool, by following the required headers for updation, add the above mentioned columns. Under these columns, add the trait ids and corresponding folderId where the traits have to be moved and stored.


Neetha Tandur

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Answers (4)



Thanks Kunal,

I have explored BAAAM tool and rest APIs we get options to move the folders but we couldn't find option to move specific traits to another folder. Can you please share any reference points for the same?