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After Resetting the "Expire After" from "120" to "0" by using BAAAM tool for many of my traits, I noticed that the real-time population has been showing up as "0". The old real-time data has gone. I am wondering if this happened since the the "Expire After" was reset, the real-time population would repopulated in the system? Also, is this a common problems for a lot of AAM users?

Very appreciate your response.



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi QuinnyLi​ good question, since setting the TTL to '0' is setting it to never expire, I would have thought the trait data would remain unchanged but I'd like to clarify a couple of things if that's ok:

1 - When you are talking about real-time population, are you talking about the corresponding segment? Just want to make sure where you are seeing this  as the traits have Unique Trait Realisations, what exactly shows 0 population?

2 - Have you changed anything to the trait expression.

Feel free to send me a Private Message with the trait ID, I should be able to look it up

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