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I'm curious, since AAM does not allow for individual containers to be built like AA does when building segments, will this report accurate results.

User visits site


Visitor is a know Guest


Visitor has placed ordered previously.

I do not want to qualify site visitors who I already know and I do not want to qualify site visitors who have placed orders.

Ideally it would be written as User Visits Site ANDNOT (people with a Guest ID OR people I know have already ordered from site)

Am I making sense? Please advise. Thanks. 


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Glenn,

Yes, I believe your logic here should work.
In your example, let's give each variable a made up trait ID.

Site Visitor = 111222333

Has Guest ID = 222333444

Made Previous Order = 333444555

The segment rule may look something like:
(11122233T AND NOT (222333444T OR 333444555T))


Shane Nielson

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Answers (1)



Might I add that it should probably be noted somewhere in the documentation that, since in AAM there is no way to (sub-segment) the OR expression, that it does in fact work without parentheses.

I actually have an open ticket where I found a situation that the system is not correctly using the Boolean expression as you describe [Incident: 180814-000334]. If you reverse the order of trait 222333444T and 333444555T to 333444555T and 222333444T, rather than returning the same population estimate, the system incorrectly calculates erroneous estimates.

Engineering is working on it.

Have a nice day. Glenn