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How do we go about sharing onboarded traits via AAM Marketplace? I know there's the AAM help documentation, but it doesn't list down the exact steps to create a data source for a data feed for different scenarios.

Scenario: We need to share only some of our CRM traits and not the entire CRM traits in the CRM data source say Data Source 1. So we'll be creating a separate data source say Data Source 2 and build just those traits that we want to share n that data source. (not sure if this is even possible or if this will work)


  1. Does that new data source need to have an integration code if there is an id sync call? There is an integration code in Data Source 1, so can we create another data source (data source 2 in this case) and have the same integration code?
  2. If the above is possible, say we can and we build similar traits on this data source 2 and use this to create a private data feed. Do we need anything else for the data to be shared with the other party?

Let me know if we need more clarity on the question.



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Surbhi,

Once you create a data feed from a data source, all of the traits linked with that data source will be shared in Marketplace. Check this doc: Create a Public or Private Data Feed

Important: Any current and future traits belonging to this data source will be shared with your data buyers, as part of this feed.     

1. You cannot create 2 data sources with the same integration code. It has to be different. If you want to do the ID sync, then you will have to add the ID sync code or another attribute in Experience Cloud ID tool in DTM/Launch for the new integration code as well. So there will be 2 different ID sync calls will fire.

2. You don't need anything after that, the other party will have to do the rest of the steps to subscribe to your feed, as mentioned here:

Subscribe to a Private Data Feed


Varun Kalra