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I'm using segment to trait overlap report and i have identified 5 traits and 1 segment. However, while doing so i'm able select all 5 traits but somehow i'm not able to find the segments for which i want to run the report?


Any suggestion? is there a bug? 


P.S: The required segment is onboarded and has been created for more than 1 month and it has over 1 million population.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hello @Mrugesh_Soni ,


Traits and Segments have minimum size requirement to be able to appear in overlap reports.

  1. A segment must contain a minimum of 70,000 total real-time users during the last 14 days. Read more about Minimum Unique Visitor Requirements for Traits and Segments .
  2. A segment must have been created prior to 12 AM Thursday UTC (2 full days before the weekly overlap report update process begins).

Reference Document

If segment is in alignment with above said requirements and if it still doesn't appear in Overlap Reports then please connect with via support ticket and we will debug it further for you.


Ankita Sodhi

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