Rule based trait ad limit - Frequency & recency




I would like to show ad only 3 times on our website. To do that, done the below.

     - Captured the needed value in  adobe analytics prop(for eg: propx ="testad".

     - Created rule based trait and trait expression as c_prox == testad.

     - Added the created rule based trait along with the onboarded trait segment with the condition as below

                           onboarded data trait

                              AND NOT

                            testad >=3

Am i doing anything wrong? It doesn't seem to be working all the time. What is the best way to achieve this and how to do the testing to make sure it is working as expected.



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Hi Muthu,

After you make any changes in the UI or create something new in the UI, then wait for 3 to 4 hours at least, so that changes would propagate to all edge servers.

Then after the changes are made and you have waited, it will be real time for the segment qualification and dis qualification.



Hi Varun,

Thanks for the response. I tried the above option but it looks like it is not working as expected.

When i refresh the page 3 times, and it is correctly displaying the ad and 4th time correctly stopped showing the ad but 5th time again it is showing up and after than never stops.

PS: also, can you confirm how long i need to wait if i make recency/frequency changes in the segment for me to validate again in the page. Is it real time or do i need to wait for an hour to validate that?